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funeral homes gettysburg

We service all cemeteries and can help arrange a funeral in your church or privacy of your own home.

Brandenburg & Stein Funeral Parlor and Two Taverns Cemetery are located on the property of the former Grace Lutheran Church, within the village of Two Taverns, PA. The new funeral home sits in the church’s former reception hall. The renovated building now has a main office, two arrangement rooms, a private room to identify a loved one, three different show areas: biodegradable and green burial urns and caskets; metal and wood caskets (made in the USA); and a cremation show room with many choices of full size and keepsake urns. The building also has a new preparation room for embalming (embalming is not a law) and a separate room to dress, shroud, and/or casket the deceased.


In the adjoining church building, the former adult Sunday school room is now used for public visitations in the setting of an old-time parlor. The beautiful non-denominational chapel, still adorned with the original stained glass, is available for funeral and memorial services. The chapel still has the original organ and up-to-date audio visual equipment for listening to music of the family's choice and/or watching a video tribute their loved one's life.


Families can also opt to have their loved one laid to rest in the adjoining Two Taverns Cemetery. The former church cemetery has approximately 600 open spaces available to the public. Natural, green burial (no vault and use of shroud or biodegradable casket) is allowed in the cemetery for those who wish to leave less of a carbon footprint when they die.


The Adams County Community now has a greater choice and selection for the services they would like for their loved one at the time of death. From a traditional service or memorial on premises, to holding funeral rites in their own churches, cemeteries or homes, families will be given many options. The business is veteran and woman owned and operated.


Pre-planning and at-need services are offered. 


brandenburg stein funeral home cemetery .jpg

Here is a recent photograph of Brandenburg & Stein Funeral Parlor and Two Taverns Cemetery. The building on the far left is the main funeral home office and was the former church's Fellowship Hall. The church building is used for visitations and funerals. Two Taverns Cemetery sits on the right and has many open spaces available for traditional or green burial. The funeral home services all churches and cemeteries. 

funeral homes gettysburg

This undated photo shows the funeral home when it was Grace Lutheran Church.

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