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Prices effective March 1, 2023, but subject to change without notice


With a home funeral, family or friends take charge of caring for the body after death, either alone or with the assistance of a funeral professional. A home vigil can last anywhere from one hour to 3 days. The family may choose to have their loved one at home, washing and dressing the body, arrange for a casket or shroud, prepare the necessary documents, hold a vigil or ceremony, and/or transport the body to the cemetery or crematory themselves.

We also understand that not everyone wants to handle all the facets of having a funeral for a loved one at home. Maybe you only desire the quiet intimacy the home funeral vigil offers, but not the administrative or hands-on portion. The following package price includes the staff of Brandenburg & Stein Funeral Parlor to assist with all aspects of the home funeral experience.




Includes initial visit to the home by the funeral home personnel (within 25-mile radius) to obtain the required information for the completing and filing of the death certificate/obituary; washing and dressing or shrouding the deceased, conservation method (placement of dry ice or techni-ice), telephoning and arranging with the following: clergy, newspaper companies, florists, military organizations, the Social Security Administration, crematory/cemetery, vault company, and life insurance company. In addition, obtaining necessary permits for burial and/or cremation, second visit for delivery of shroud/casket (if purchased through the funeral home), Altaview Cremation Container (if no casket/urn has been selected) and third visit for transportation to the crematory/cemetery (funeral van).


** this price does not include cash advances items, transportation from place of death to home or funeral home; embalming, cremation, caskets, vaults or urns.


Miscellaneous Charges for Home Funerals

Transportation from Place of Death to Home or Funeral Home (within 25-mile radius) - $450.00

Transportation to Place of Vigil by hearse or van, Cemetery, or Crematory (within 25-mile radius) - $500.00

Delivery of Casket (within 25-mile radius) (if purchased through the funeral home) - $200.00

Delivery, Purchase, and Placement of Dry Ice/Techni Ice - $125.00

Use of Staff for Home Visit(s)/Each Visit after Initial - $75.00

Church Truck Rental Daily - $75.00

Temporary Markers - $25.00

Lowering Straps - $75.00

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